Fiji doesn't open .lei files

Dear all
A user gave me a file acquired on a Leica sp2 ( :no_mouth:) so it is in the .lei format. I have tried opening it in fiji in many ways but it doesn’t work. I have updates Fiji, ImageJ and all my plugins which includes Bio-Formats. Does someone have an idea
bioformat open

file open

Maybe try to open and then convert with LAS-X ?

There’s a free offline version:

(you’ll find the same link at the bottom of this page: LAS X Life Science Microscope Software | Products | Leica Microsystems)

You may also try to post in which is a forum more software-oriented than microlist.

And post an example file if you can.

Thanks Nico
Indeed! I did not realize that I was in the wrong forum. Thanks for pointing it out.
I will test the free Leica software and repost on if it doesnt work.