Workstation for image analysis

Hi everyone,

we are stationed in UCSD. Our lab is looking to buy a new workstation for image analysis.
we frequently handle large datasets from SBF-EM, light sheet, Confocal datasets using Fiji(with own macros and plugins), Cell profiler, 3Dmod, Weka auto and also access data from our cloud facility every now and then. Foresee handling more 3d data sets in our work.
we request peers to kindly suggest good PC configuration (processor, Gra. Card, storage, monitor etc) for our needs for the next 5-6 years. we understand tech gets dated out soon, upgradable options are welcome.

Thank you for the time and expertise.

Since this is ultimate about analysis, I would suggest posting this to Heads up, all answers will likely be “it depends very much on the software you plan to use”, and for Fiji probably more specific to the plugins you want to use (and their ability to take advantage of hardware acceleration or multiprocessing). So it helps to have a narrower use case in mind, otherwise it’s just “get all the stuff you can” :slight_smile:

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will post in image forum. thank you