Do cells adhere less to sonnicated coverslips?


I found that cells adhere less well to sonicated coverslips (following this protocol for example

Do people that routinely clean coverslips in the way of the protocol above also treat the coverslips for cell adhesion ?


Dear LPUoO -

I’ve never carefully compared, but in my cell culture experience (quite a bit), adherence can very wildly across cell lines, and I’ve experienced times where cells appear to adhere less to the same slips in one experiment versus another, or even on one slip out of a set of multiple. Quite a few people will do a poly L-lysine coat of their cleaned glass coverslips to encourage adherence, some will use extracellular matrix components, just be aware that coating onto a protein matrix (collagen, fibronectin, a mix, or things like matrigel) can cause biological differences due to signaling…Good luck with your experiments.


Did you do the acid washing step? That usually helps with adhesion.

Not 100% sure but I think I did. I will make sure to do it next time.