How to send coverslips across the world?


Does any one have tips for sending 13 mm round coverslips with adhered cells that need to be stained in another lab ?

  • Mount them with non hardening media, seal them with nail varnish, send and unmount on arrival ?
  • Send in a 15 ml Falcon full of PBS (one coverslip per tube)?
  • Something else ?

Thank you

we are currently trying something similar - our solution was to use contact lens cases (not my idea - I saw Christophe Leterrier (@christlet ) showing a picture on twitter). The cases are big enough for the coverslip to fit, but too low for it to flip over

I added a bit of NaN3 to the PBS, and in addition sealed them in.

We also tried to ship coverslips as small PBS-filled foil pouches -that also worked OK-ish.

Our EM people often remove mowiol from coverslips after confocal imaging for CLEM before embedding and EM prep by simply immersing the slides in buffer or water - that might also work, but I am not sure how good the staining would be afterwards.

Good luck and let us know what works



Cool to see the lens cases trick being useful! We’ve used it for 12 mm and 18 mm round coverslips, sometimes between US and France, without problems. I recently presented this during the EuroBioImaging weekly webinar: