Controlling PI Piezo Stage C-867 with Micro-Manager

Hi all

This is a cross-post from in the hopes that someone will be able to help me!

I am having trouble connecting Micro-Manager 2.0 with our Physik Instrumente (PI) C-867 piezo stage. I hope you’ll be able to help! I am following this guide (PI GCS 2). The controller is physically connected via USB cable to a port on our PC (Windows 7) identified as COM3. I am able to control the stage via PI Mikromove.

Using the Device Setup Wizard in Micro-Manager, the C-867 controller preset option appears to connect with an “OK” status. I can then add “PIXYStage” and direct it to the “C-867” controller name. Unfortunately, when I try to move the stage with the arrows, nothing happens. I have tried using the generic PI_GCSController (“OK”) and PI_GCSController_DLL (cannot connect, error “35”) to no avail.

Please, could anyone offer any advice?