Controlling PI Piezo Stage C-867 with Micro-Manager

Hi all

This is a cross-post from in the hopes that someone will be able to help me!

I am having trouble connecting Micro-Manager 2.0 with our Physik Instrumente (PI) C-867 piezo stage. I hope you’ll be able to help! I am following this guide (PI GCS 2). The controller is physically connected via USB cable to a port on our PC (Windows 7) identified as COM3. I am able to control the stage via PI Mikromove.

Using the Device Setup Wizard in Micro-Manager, the C-867 controller preset option appears to connect with an “OK” status. I can then add “PIXYStage” and direct it to the “C-867” controller name. Unfortunately, when I try to move the stage with the arrows, nothing happens. I have tried using the generic PI_GCSController (“OK”) and PI_GCSController_DLL (cannot connect, error “35”) to no avail.

Please, could anyone offer any advice?


Did you make sure that the pimikromove was closed and that the parameters were stored after the configurartion in pimikromove?