Recommendations for a microscope camera that can be run using a tablet

I have a faculty member who would like to purchase a camera that can be run using a tablet (preferably an iPad) to mount on her stereoscope (C-mount). Does anyone have any recommendations? All my experience is with high-end cameras that definitely need to be connected to an actual computer. Thanks!

There are any number of similar devices available. There are also various adapters and holders for iPhones/iPads/generic to mount on microscopes. Most tablets/phones have a reasonably good quality camera. This one is about $65USD for a 7 inch screen and 2 megapixel C-mount camera. It can be connected to an external monitor, store images, etc (Nothing fancy for processing images…Some people might be surpised how cheap a generic tablet is). It’s just the top part, not the whole microscope for that price. Phenix makes all sorts of low-end microscopes and accessories. It’s very easy for a Chinese graduate student or Professor to buy something from the website, Taobao, or an adapter/holder for a tablet and have it shipped to your lab.

Also, I have tried some WiFi cameras from Motic, but not on iOS. They would be easier for you to buy directly from in North America or Europe as they have physical offices:

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