Position available in NIH/Bethesda Maryland Facility

The NIMH Systems Neuroscience Imaging Resource (SNIR) is seeking an individual to contribute to its mission of making tools for contemporary systems level molecular anatomy accessible to NIMH intramural investigators. Current approaches to investigation of brain circuits and systems require analyses of neuronal projections, gene expression, and protein distribution patterns at cellular or sub-cellular resolution across multiple brain regions. The SNIR provides access to appropriate hardware, software, wet lab procedures, and training. The SNIR supports access to technologies such as high-throughput wide-field microscopy, deep tissue imaging via laser scanning confocal microscopy, and light sheet microscopy.
The SNIR is looking for someone to join the group whose focus will be to support its microscopy and computer systems. The SNIR maintains a number of commercial systems (Leica Stellaris and SP8 confocal microscopes, Nikon A1R and C2 confocal microscopes, Zeiss Axioscan Z1 slide scanning system, Olympus VS200 slide scanning system, 3i Cleared Tissue Lightsheet Microscope) and is implementing a custom combined widefield/confocal slide scanning system and working with collaborators to implement multi-channel block-slab whole brain imaging on a custom diSPIM instrument. In addition to Windows based microscopy systems the SNIR supports a number of image processing workstations and data storage and transfer solutions. Their support involves working with the institute’s desktop, scientific and engineering support groups and equipment and software vendors.
To learn more about the position and how to apply please contact Ted Usdin (usdint@nih.gov)