Pannoramic MIDI II?

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with the Pannoramic MIDI II? We have inherited one of these and want to use it for fluorescent slide scanning. I tried to set up a run where it would zstack a rack of 12 slides. The first slide scanned correctly. The next 4 slides failed due to an error after completing the scans (all around the 67% mark). I’m trying to figure out what settings I could adjust to improve this (perhaps less deconvolution?) but when I try to search for anything about the MIDI I only get hits for the User Manual (which doesn’t say much about failed scans).

Many thanks for any insight!

you might try looking for the TEMP files directory and deleting any tmp files. It might be running out of swap space. Swap space might be on the D partition. If the failed ones are not z stacks, cheat and tell it they are, but only 1 slice.