PFS offset controller not working

Hi all - me again.

Our TIRF motor went out, so we had a loaner installed. Since the install of the loaner, our PFS offset controller is no longer working, so I have to manually correct for the drift in my images/movies which is tedious. The PSF controller is physically connected to the microscope, but it seems like it isnt interfacing with Nikon elements or actually able to control the z-position of the objective.

Has anyone encountered this issue? We emailed our Nikon rep to come back, but it would be faster if we could fix it in house.



yeah, lots of unknowns here. hard to say without more information. things I wonder include:

  • what exactly is the “loaner”? is it just a tirf motor? a whole new microscope? a hub and tirf arm? what parts were swapped?
  • can you control PFS programmatically with elements? that is, if you toggle PFS on/off via the software, does it actually lock in on the microscope? can you adjust the offset via the software?