Obtaining parts and information for Nikon Microphot-FXA

I’ve recently obtained a Nikon Microphot-FXA BODY to convert into a microphotographic do it all. One reason I choose this project is my long affiliation with Nikon instruments and Nikon cameras. Although a short, 79pg operators manual is available, I’m having difficulty obtaining any technical manuals. Does anyone have access to one or know where it could be obtained? Issues are what objectives and light sources are compatible, etc. This will be refitted with digital still and video cameras in place of the old film cameras. Any help greatly appreciated. I know it originally had CF objectives, but the threading and optimal focal length I’m not sure about. The op manual is more of a simple instruction sheet than a usefull document. I’m just trying to get the research done and get started purchasing objectives and lights. The microscope body probably won’t get here until the end of Nove/1st week of Dec, 2023. Any help much appreciated.