Nikon Microphot-FXA Microscope


I have a Nikon Microphot-FXA Microscope. There looks to be a large slider hole between the nose piece and the EPI-FL3 Filter box not listed in the operations manual. Does anyone have any information on what this could be for?

Thank you

Hi Barry,
The slot is for a DIC analyzer (Normarski Prism). There are four main parts required for DIC on that Microscope: A universal condenser turret with 20x,40x and 100x prisms, a polarizer right above the nosepiece ( I think I can see the handle of that sticking out in one of your photos) , and a second polarizer below the condenser (it also has a small round handle and can be pulled straight out). Very nice Microscope, if it has DIC it was quite a score. I have a Microphot SA which is almost the same but without the extra built-in film camera controls.

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Hi ChrisB, thanks for the info. I currently have the dummy slider w/hole but not sure if I can mod for filter, hope I can find proper slider to fit. I have a dinky, plastic pol slider on the left side under the binoc, across from Bertrand control. I don’t know if thats as good as the slider thats supposed to be in the nosepiece. When you say analyzer below the condenser, are you referring to the bottom light source that is threaded and has degree markings? I have the usual free user manual and the “Ebay” parts list. But no real tech manuals. It appears there are many other versions of parts and even accessories that are not shown or listed or even mentioned in these two references. One of the things I need to do is build a cable for the PSM-4a power supply, but without the pinout I’m not sure the wiring has no crossed wires. So lots of hurdles but not a lot of answers. Would you know any body with real repair manuals or other, more complete literature? I also have the Microphot_FXL, it’s totally not just a minor mod to the FXA (the stand and optics are very different). Its a reflective light version for metallurgic or semiconductor use and has a real DIC Nomarski nosepiece (huge) with real prisms on each of the 5 plan apo 210/0 objectives (these are too big for the 6 hole nosepiece). I’m also interested in knowing if there is any use to getting a PSM-1 power supply as it looks like it has a connector for some of the 4 blade plug Nikon lamps but mostly just power for old film cameras, I’m only going to use digital. The PSM-1 has a similar control connector but its 26pin not 34 like the PSM-4A and the other end on both microscopes would be a 26pin D shell connector! I really need much more indepth info. Both of my scopes are EPI. The XA having the EPI-FL3, and the FL has the EPI-UA. I need to know much more in depth user and tech info on all the available varient accessories and actual electronic cable pinouts.