Micro-manager compatible continuous temperature sensor

I am looking for a waterproof temperature sensor compatible with Micro-Manager (MM), that would provide continuous recording of temperature in the sample chamber. Ideally, I want every frame from camera to have a “Temperature” property in degrees C.

The “Arduino” adapter in MM provides some guidance on how to building such device using Arduino and DS18B20 sensor. However, I would like to avoid programming in C++ :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an idea / solution to temperature sensing compatible with MM? Is there an interest in microscopy community to have such capability?

There are available sensors from Thorlabs and others, that record data on disk. I can program Arduino sensor with python to write temperature with wall-time as a CSV file. But ideally I want temperature burned into image metadata.

After messing around wth Arduino code, I was able to report temperature in Celsius back to Micro-Manager (property is called arduino-temp 10x here because adapted code only works with integers).

I will probably have to change and recompile adapter, but for now it kinda works.