Measuring Cat Dander presence

Dear all,

my girlfriend is allergic to cat and I have a cat at home.
Unfortunately, this is a combination that does not work.

I am trying to develop some understanding about how allergens spread around.
I would like to measure where the density of them and take informed decision about which cleaning method works and which does not.

My challenge now is being able to recognise cat dander in microscopy images.

I have already collected images of different house areas
Those are taken from the “bed” of the cat:

Currently, my understanding is that the cat dander particles are the “triangular” elements that I can see in the pictures taken from the sample on the bed of the cat.
Do you also think so?

Morevoer, I can easily differentiate human dander because it’s transparent and smaller.
Do you think that the “reddish” colour is indicative of cat dander? (I have a blue filter on the microscope)

Thanks a lot!

I have tried to insert in the topic many images, but as a new user I can only put one.
I will add them in the replies