Light sheet, field of view question

There are lots of types of light sheet imaging systems, and I’m wondering what FOV your system has and if a bigger FOV would be productive?



ps: I currently work for a camera company so if this is better put in the Commercial section let me know.

The definitive answer: it depends. On both the details of the sample and the details of the microscope.

Some light sheet microscopes/samples can make use of all the FOV that the optics and camera can muster. Others aren’t even close to FOV-limited. There is no useful generic answer.


Hi Jon
Thanks for the quick response. I understand there’s no generic answer, but was hoping for enough specific responses to support or contradict the argument that a larger camera FOV is useful. What type of LS imaging are you doing and how does FOV of the detector help or hinder your science?



Hi Phil,
JonD is right, there is no generic answer to FOV question and it all depends on choice of imaging lens, illumination optics, sample, acquisition speed and finally the biology one wants to do using these techniques.