LED emission in NIR and 'standard' filter cubes: bleedthrough risk?

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We want to switch to LED light sources for epifluorescence for several of our systems. The SOLA SE U-nIR looks very interesting, because it can also excite Cy7, for a moderate cost increase when compared to the no nIR model. We thus had the idea of buying a few interchangeable and identical light sources which could all excite Cy7.

However, in these range of wavelengths, not all filters have OD>6. So what’s your opinion ? Is there a significant risk of nIR excitation bleedthrough when using this light source in combination ‘standard’ filter cubes for DAPI, GFP etc.?



Most imaging filters won’t have such high OD. Special laser line filters such as Rugate notch filters have such high OD. Don’t think it will be an issue as many lamps have NIR spectral lines. Adding a notch filter later is a small expense compared to the cost of the lamp. The problem is have to try it (arrange a demo/loan?). Too many variables (lamp, filters, microscope configuration, camera spectral sensitivity).

Perhaps you may consider:

Asked for an additional non-standard NIR wavelength and they are very responsive. Quote included all accessories and lamp port adapter.

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