Lab is looking for a basic fluorescence microscope for the lab, any suggestions?


Our lab is just getting set up. We are interested in looking for a solid basic fluorescence microscope with the standard filters. Would like to know if anyone has any suggestions.


This leica fluorescence microscope worked great. Leica DM IL LED LED Microscopes | LED Illumination | Products | Leica Microsystems

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Anything from any of the big 4 (Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica) will be good. I’d say go with one where you feel the best about who you’re buying it from and what the relationship will be like for the lifetime of the microscope (maybe 10 years!). I’m most familiar with Olympus IX83 or Nikon TiE2 inverted - both are great. Small, all in one benchtop systems are more popular than they used to be, but there are limitations in upgrading, sometimes performance, etc., perhaps even in repairing parts in the future. Good luck

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