Is SlowFade Glass supposed to look brown?

Hi all,

I’ve decided to give SlowFade a try.

A couple weeks ago I purchased a bottle, and mistakenly stored it above the recommended temperature (4 degrees, instead of < -5 degrees…)

Upon the first time opening it (today), the liquid looks brown colored.

Does anyone with experience using SlowFade Glass know if this is supposed to be brown before mounting? I would expect it completely transparent, considering the application…

Many thanks in advance.

Hi! Many anti-photobleaching reagents include phenylenediamine, which can turn brown over time. It’s usually ok for a while but I’d recommend you look at one of your samples before mounting it, and again after, to be sure.

Thanks Jennifer, I’ll not throw it in the trash just yet!

Agree with Jennifer, I;ve used plenty off mounting agents that have a color of brownish-red and they were ok, but keep your eye on it. I always felt like this was more common when the reagent was a bit older or had seen a few cool-warm cycles, but that it just a ‘feeling’.