Dorsal skin flap protocol suggestions

One of our shared labs has been loaned a 2P version of IVIM Technology – Global No. 1 solution provider of IntraVital Microscopy with a Coherent Axon 920. They have 4 minute promotional video showing cranial and dorsal skin flap surgery followed by imaging. So, I have some limited experience with the cranial window and realize its a marketing video, in fast forward. Does anyone have a suggestion for a detailed dorsal flap window surgical protocol that they have tried? With photos or a JOVE type video? Trying to help those in the shared lab to better evaluate the system while it is on loan.

Hi Shawn -

I believe there was something published in JoVE that may show something?
Intravital Microscopy of Tumor-associated Vasculature Using Advanced

Dorsal Skinfold Window Chambers on Transgenic Fluorescent Mice

11 Ann L.B. Seynhaeve , Timo L.M. ten Hagen

Yes, this is the sort of thing. Other suggestions/videos/webinar would be appreciated.