Culture cell medium influence on fluorescence or SHG and THG

Hello everybodies,
Do you know if medium or phenol red can have an influence on fluorescence or second harmonic or third harmonic generation??

kind regards

Hi @Alex.h,

I never did SHG/THG, but as for fluorescence - yes, media might have an influence, but it depends… For conventional DMEM w/ phenol red I never have an issue to track a cell cycle progression using mCherry fluorescence as a reporter. But in this case I didn’t care much about precision. However, for the FRET measurement with CFP/YFP pair I switched to FluoroBrite DMEM (proprietary media from ThermoFisher) because DMEM, even phenol red free, gave me too much background.

Maybe you already found the answer for SHG/THG elsewhere, if so, please share)