Crest X-light V3 spinning disk confocal reviews

We got one (very) recently! It’s using laser illumination, rather than LED. The compromises are, essentially, flexibility; it has a 5-position filter wheel with a manual bypass of the spinning disk lightpath if you want to use it as an epifluorescence system as well. So we essentially have 4 emission filters because we need to leave a blank slot for using the microscope in Epi mode.

I assume that the disk (50µm holes, 250µm spacing) is the same as the equivalent disk in an X-light V2 or V3; if you have weak signals you need to do a lot of binning because the disk does throw away a lot of light. It’s feasible that CREST might consider opening the door to other disk designs in the Cicero if people asked for them. I think if you have medium levels of expression and a good camera, then the Cicero is actually quite good, it’s just that our samples (endogenously-tagged proteins) are low expression.