Convolution - for microscopists

A ‘must’ for anyone who wants to understand image formation in microscopy and a primer to learning deconvolution.
This includes an illustration of my new method of forming a convolution by integral transform projection. Please forward this link to your students if you think they will benefit from it:


00:00 Intro
00:37 Images as functions
04:02 Terms and Symbols used in Convolution
06:18 The Convolution Process
09:18 A new way to look at convolution - integral transform projection
10:59 Examples 1 - Spatially invariant PSF and blurring
13:38 Properties of convolution
16:52 Examples 2 - Spatially variant PSF and sharpening
19:03 Inverse filtering and deconvolution (Intro)
20:36 Conclusions