Combine brightfield and fluorescence


our slide scanner has troubles detecting small tissue biopsies using the darkfield preview.
Hence, I would like to combine a brightfield counterstain (tissue detection) with FITC IF imaging (specific antibody) on the same slide.
Do you have any idea if this would be possible?

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Hello Mario,

Could you identify which slide scanner you are using?

Adding a brightfield counterstain may affect your IF image, as some counterstains are also fluorescent (eosin as an example of a counterstain with green fluorescence).

Dear George,

we are using a 3DHistech P250 Flash II with DAPI, FITC, TRITC and Cy5 Bandpass filters.
I’ve read that eosin causes problems in IF and hematoxylin might interfere with DAPI. Hence my question.

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I don’t have a recommendation for a brightfield stain that will not affect fluorescence, but there might be an alternative approach.

The manual for your scanner does describe a detection approach method similar to one that I use with fluorescent samples that have low brightfield contrast. The approach is to draw an outline around the tissue with a dark marker (black Sharpie) and then focus + scan within that marker outline. For tissues that are hard to see by eye, I shine a small flashlight onto the edge of the slide while drawing the outline to visualize the tissue. Has that method been tried?

Hi George,

thank you for your suggestion. I am aware of the scanners ability to scan “inside marker area”. But since this type of staining will be done very frequently, I would prefer to find a solution not requiring manual intervention.
I will try to apply an autofluorescence quenching solution on the slide, which “stains” the tissue darker and should increase darkfield tissue detection without interfering with IF markers.

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