Capture 3D images of mouse

I am interested in a setup that I could capture 3D images of mouse. What setup of two cameras would be ideal for this capture? Could you please point me to a couple of preferred research articles that you see apt for this purpose?

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I don’t know of anything for this, but it would probably be important to include more information about your experiment.

Brightfield 3D?
Movies, or knocked out?
If movies, how frequently do you need to be able to create a single 3D image, and how fast is the mouse moving?

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Thanks a lot for your reply.

We can either use thermal or normal cameras. We have two cameras and we are interested in video of mouse movements.

I am not sure about the answer to your last question.

Hi monajalal,
It sounds like you are looking to image movement of a live mouse? This forum is for those imaging using microscopes, so you may not find the expertise you are looking for here.
Best, Jennifer

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Possibly. She was bounced here from the image analysis forum as a better fit, IIRC.

Not really sure what the right place would be, though.

See this article for an existing device.


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