Calibrating a BX61 issues

I’m recommissioning an Olympus BX61 and trying to calibrate the system in the CellSens software. Following the online instructions I first set the z stop (I set it when I felt a piece of paper between the 100x objective and coverslip being pinched). The next item is setting parfocality. I select the 10x, 20x, 40x and 60x objectives, use the onscreen buttons to focus and then click the autofocus button for each. I’ve tried it several times but after finishing it doesn’t register as calibrated.

The online instructions aren’t very detailed so I’m probably doing something incorrectly. Are more detailed instructions available? Also I’m not clear what the item ‘Shading Correction’ after parfocality involves.

I would call Evident (formerly Olympus) Technical Assistance Center, they are usually very helpful, including with their older systems. We have several old and new Olympus systems, including BX61 and cellSens and they have helped with such questions. I don’t know the answer to this particular question.

If you are in the USA: 1-800-225-8330, option 4, then option 1.

Hello, when you process the parfocality, do not use the autofocus button. you can just use the find focus knob to find the best focal plane. If you have a “stage micrometer” slide, it will be very helpful for this calibration. Regarding to the shad correction, we need to find a brand new slide and coverslip. The purpose of this sample is to prevent any dust or scratch on the slide. Which may cause the “bright part” in your shading correction. Hope these information may help~