Zeiss LSM, simultaneous airyscan and T-PMT acquisition

Dear All,

On our LSM 980 when using the airyscan mode the option of choosing the T-PMT detector disappears. I cannot acquire simultaneously using both the airyscan and the T-PMT detectors, unlike when using the internal CH detectors. When running an airyscan experiment this would be only possible in a separate track.

I don’t quite understand why it is not possible to use the T-PMT in airyscan mode. Theoretically, it should be possible. Could someone explain please? Thank you.

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Hi Nadia,

I see no reason why it would not be theoretically possible.

Your best bet would be to ask Zeiss directly why they didn’t include this - and maybe even submit a feature request to your local representative.

The technical problem is likely due to the way Airyscan data is handled within the image file. Airyscan images have 32 phase images per ‘channel’, and if you were to add a TPMT channel to that it would be an additional channel with 1 phase and 31 blank (or duplicate) phases (as the TPMT is not an array detector). That would likely mess with the automatic processing algorithms enough to where the Zeiss engineers disabled it because it was determined that not enough people would use the feature to warrant the additional development time to make this work.

They (and other corporate entities) are always asking themselves - ‘How many more instruments would we sell if we had X feature’. TPMT imaging with Airyscan likely just hit the cutting room floor.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply. You might be right about that. Yes, theoretically there is no problem. I would have thought that processing the T-PMT data would be separate/delayed and just added to the end after the 32 pre-processed images. In the end, the pre-processed airyscan is one image after processing the 32.

I’ve sent this question to Zeiss week and still awaiting a reply… On my side, it’s just that the user needs it, so if Zeiss cannot add it we are switching to Leica. I hope that’s enough reason to implement it. :slight_smile: I will let people know here if I hear a reply from Zeiss. Thanks again Jason.

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