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What is Microforum?

Microforum’s focus is hardware, acquisition, and specimen-related aspects of scientific imaging, particularly (but not limited to) theory and practical use of optical microscopes and detectors, fluorescent proteins and probes, and specimen preparation. The purpose of this forum is to foster independent learning for all members of our scientific community.

Many experts in the imaging community have pledged to contribute to this forum, and to encourage its use as the recommended discussion channel. These experts are designated as Administrators, Moderators or Leaders.

Microforum is the sister forum to the image analysis forum at forum.image.sc. In short, Microforum discussions focus on how best to acquire images, and forum.image.sc discussions focus on handling and extracting data from digital images. In areas of overlap, we encourage providing links to appropriate discussion(s) on the sister forum.

The Image.sc forum is focused on software-oriented aspects of scientific imaging, particularly (but not limited to) image analysis, processing, acquisition, storage, and management of digital scientific images.

How do I use Microforum?

When starting a new topic, please choose the most appropriate category. This will help all of us find relevant posts. We’ve created four categories for imaging Q&A/discussions: Theory, Hardware, Acquisition Software and Probes & Prep. We’ve also created categories for Announcements (meetings, jobs etc.), Blogposts (share your own or favorites) and Commercial (for company announcements & marketing).

If you are new to the Discourse platform we use for this forum, the Discourse New User Guide will show you the basics.

If you have questions more specific to the use of Microforum, check out our FAQ post.

Please also review our Guidelines for use of this forum.