USB control of Cairn OptoSpin

I’m trying to control a Cairn OptoSpin 25 filterwheel over USB. The device supports “control via USB” and I did got a document listing the commands from the vendor but that “is the only documentation [they] have”. They specifically have no code examples.

I was wondering if anyone has got any experience with controlling the OptoSpin over USB. I’m using Python with PyUSB but I’d be happy with code examples in any language or library (my issue is my lack of experience with usb commands).

While Cairn does not have any code examples for support, they have a MicroManager Device Adapter. When I asked, they’ve sent me the code for it as well as the code for their liboptospin (C code for the dll/so both for Linux and Windows). This is exactly what I need to understand their documentation.

The key thing to make sense of the documentation, is that the USB command manual is not for the USB communication protocol. It’s commands for the FTDI chips. Their code uses libftd2xx from FTDI Chip but I would guess that libFTDI would also work.