Training courses in optics and hardware for building imaging systems

Hi ,

I wonder if any one has heard of any courses in practical optic or photonics to build imaging and / or microscopy equipment.

There are lots of courses on individual imaging techniques or overviews of a modality but I can’t seem to find one that (runs anymore) on this theme. If anyone has any ideas I would be interested to know the options.

The closest applicable course I could find was from Imperial college, London for applied optics , the only problem is that they havent run it for years and Ive been asking every year for 3 yrs and… well… I think the academic admitted they didnt think they would run it again.

Since the work coming out in optical microscopy with open source hard ware is pretty fascinating at the moment. I was hoping there was a week long course to brush up my knowledge and get some practical hands on learning.

Does anyone know of anything and if not. Would anyone else be interested in gathering interest to get a course on the go?

Cheers if you do reply to this message.


Have a look at this:

Maybe worth inquiring whether they are going to run another workshop…

@VolkerH , I had noticed the UC2 GitHub last week and plan to have a go at building the light sheet microscope and the workshops definitely am option.

I just wish there was a more comprehensive course. Though in reality, the UC2 project is more hands on and I like the fact they do do that. I will send an email but it is a lack of opportunities in this area. UC2 is great and exactly what I mean by open source hard ware , projects like these are important otherwise we will always be stuck with trying to get access to a >£250k optical microscope that’s designed for only a few individuals.

It would be great if we could get more opportunities for people as a list. UC2 is a definite learn option. There enough info there to do it without attending a workshop.

@Sh4zKh4n, I know of these courses that might be of interest to you:

10-Day Practical Course on Advanced Optical Microscopy for Cell Biology:

Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording in Neuroscience:

Please post courses on as well!