Should we offer a new short microscopy course?

@Anna and I have been thinking about offering a short microscopy course at HMS, for folks from outside the Boston area. We get more good applications for our CSHL course than we can accept, so we thought this might be a good way to help meet demand. We are imagining a 4-5 day course covering basic theory and practice of the most commonly used light microscopy modalities. It would include both lectures from me, @Anna and @talley, and lab exercises on our microscopes in the core. We would not charge tuition, but attendees would need to pay for their own travel/lodging, and a small fee that would cover catered meals. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Would this also be open to HMS people? There were quite a few people from the Paulsson lab who applied but didn’t get accepted for the CSHL course and would likely be interested in something comparable on campus.

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Your lab is welcome to come to our workshops! The short course for external folks would be similar in content to our workshops. But I would be open to offering spots in the short course to HMS if it doesn’t fill up. We have also talked about offering a string of back to back workshops for HMS. @Anna, thoughts?

I did a workshop survey within HMS recently and there was significant interest in a weeklong workshop series, so it’s definitely on my radar! We’d probably start with our existing workshop content though - so until we get a short course organized, I’d second Jennifer’s suggestion to take our workshops. There’s a form on the NIC education page to request workshops too, so please use that if the one you want to take isn’t on the calendar at the moment.

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I like this idea! I would think about this for some of my students going forward if you do end up offering this. The shorter ~1 week format has some benefits in terms of being less disruptive to ongoing projects/experiments.

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I think this is a great idea. I know many people at Yale who would be super interested in such a workshop!


I would definitely be interested to attend this course! Having more opportunities in the year for in depth, short microscopy courses taught by you guys would be great for those who miss out on or are not accepted to the CSHL course in the Spring. I am sure others would be interested here at the NIH as well.


Yes please! Looking forward!

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Great! Would you please record the course and put the materials and movies on YouTube for further access?

We don’t yet have plans to offer the course, but when we do I would be happy to film it!