The distortion of image during scanning, Zeiss LSM 710 and Zen2009

Sort of thinking that there may be multiple issues. But alignment is definitely off based on the individual channel images and vignetting. The reason for mentioning the contract terms was to see if there was any recourse to get them back to your lab. Located in China so I can understand some of your frustration about the cost in foreign currency and response for some issues.

Here is a link to a service report which describes a scanner replacement:
Service Manual LSM 780 (

Its not necessarily your scanner or detectors. They follow certain steps in a certain order. It may very well be that these error messages do not indicate a problem with that particular component or subassembly but perhaps an interdependent issue related to the alignment. There are a few things you can do to check this if you are familiar with optical alignment and have a few common tools and a power meter. Simply making a single adjustment say at the laser input is not necessarily going to resolve the issue. But not necessarily suggesting repair it yourself.

Do you have a copy of the service manual and service CD (Zeiss part numbers 415103-5000-110 and 415103-5000-200)?

Thank you for this link! I will read the document closely later, but it seems this is not about scanner replacement but rather about scanner calibration. Hope the checklists may help anyway (but my ZEN software is not equipped by Macro option, so I am unable to run some tests, which are described in this document).

My LSM 710 system was purchased >10 years ago, I did not find service manuals in the order list (if you mean exactly service, not standard manual). Happily, I found quite good service manual describing how to detach/open/inspect scan head and how run all system tests by SMT (twice happily that Zeiss did not think about good password for SMT/ZEN, so now I can access to the service mode). As I said before, most of the tests cannot be actually run because of the improper image obtained by calibration objective (and therefore any attempt to run fails anyway).

One more detail about the problem - it suddenly appeared during a week between two actual measurements (in-between, the system was launched several times in an incomplete state, to access “Image processing” mode in ZEN), without any fault of the system, main supply jumps, etc. Also, it was found that it works incorrectly roughly a month after the possible date of problem (I just compared the images day-by-day and found the interval where it appeared). This is why I am not thinking now that the problem is misalignment of optics (but I do thought about this before because of the “typical” shift and shrink of the image). Unfortunately, I am not experienced with technical assistance and I am not a technical staff. Now I am in communication with local people who can help in the diagnostics, but the system is complex and it is hard to find a candidate.

Many thanks for your help!

The service manual and CD are not normally included. They can be ordered from Zeiss using those item numbers for about 200 Euros. It explains all the procedures the service engineer preforms in detail.

Eventually Zeiss will discontinue service older systems. So it may be a good investment if your lab wants to keep the system running well long term. Some 3rd party vendors are able to supply service and spares based upon these manuals long after original manufacturer discontinues a system. Some people order them with the system if they are in a remote area and cannot rely upon the original manufacturer to provide service.

I also have a list of all the parts for the system if you need. It’s helpful in identifying parts by specific Zeiss part number.

Hopefully it helps.