Nikon elements acquisitions

I am planning to acquire time lapse imaging using Nikon elements 5.3. I need to capture in phase and green fluorescent channel with different time interval between them i.e green channel should be captured at interval of every 10 second and phase is interval at every 5 mins. How to program this acquisition in element. Is there any macro / other comment setting in elements software.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Bhuvan

I’m not sure about 5.3 but in v4 you can set it in the ND Acqusition tab. I don’t have access to 5.3 to check but I’m pretty sure you have the option to use the Wizard but you can also access the standard ND Acquisition tab.

If you have selected the correct number of timepoints and interval for the faster imaging, in the lambda tab (under T Pos.) you can choose to image one of your channels every nth frame, so for you would be every 30th frame (in the image I’ve shown I’ve selected to image GFP every 10th frame)?

I hope this helps!

Hi Mitchell,

Thank you so much for your reply. I have tried what you suggested it worked. Apart for that I also found another way using ND sequence acquisition, above the ND define there is a dialog tap stating time lapse. In that we can specify number of time we need to repeat. I gave phase imaging with one frame in first NDsequence followed by my fluorescence channel for 10 frames. Sorry I didn’t took screenshot as you did, will post the screenshot soon.