COVID-19 Guidelines for Imaging Core Facilities

To my fellow core facility managers:

Many of us have been asked to write guidelines for reopening our core facilities. I am working on ours this week. If you have posted your guidelines online or know of others who have, I thought it would be useful to share them. BioImaging Facility at IST Austria has posted theirs online.

Best, Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,
Great and timely thread. I am also preparing ours. For now, I’m adopting some guidelines from the German Bioimaging website here.

The UK Bioimaging community will have a meeting this Wednesday to discuss how to reopen core facilities. I will be finalising the guidelines after this meeting and after instructions from my department. I would be happy to share once done.

Best regards and stay safe!


The ABRF (Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities) has collected some Draft Guidelines for re-opening:

And they published their own Core Facility Ramp-Up Information:

Best wishes and stay safe,


Hi Nadia! I’m starting with the German BioImaging guidelines, and will be at the RMS meeting on Wed too!

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Same here in Switzerland. We are also working on the concepts to reopen. As mentioned by the others the GerBi Website offers useful info and the guidelines from the colleagues in Austria are very clearly layed out.
Concerning the disinfection and hygiene at the microscopes we are following similar approaches including pre & post hand washing and full disinfection of all parts touched.
The trickiest part is how to handle the amount of persons in a room as well as close interactions at systems during introductions, pilot projects etc. A lot of this can be reduced and been done remotely but there will still be times when staff and user will be close to each other for more than 15min. We are planning to approach these situations by wearing hygiene masks type II and face shields.


has anyone been supplied a summary of the RMS meeting since the meeting?

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Not yet, they are supposed to be coming soon…

Hi All,

The first ABRF virtual town hall meeting about COVID and PPE is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27th at 1 pm ET. Register here:

Best, Zbigniew


The specialized Imaging forums are much better. Next one May 28th at 1pm EDT
scroll down to the Imaging info

I’ve found the BINA info very helpful - and heard the document from the zoom meeting is ready - check the website - probably posted there soon.

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Our plan for re-opening our core and safety procedures have been approved by our institution. I’ve posted them on our website here:


We are posting LM policies at the top of and as they evolve we will update. We have been open on a very limited basis and opening officially June 8 unless protests in NYC push us back another week.
Michael at NYU Langone

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Hi All, We have been open for 3 weeks now, but only for internal users, but users have been really careful and following the rules. I’m pretty pleased. However, turn up is being really low, so the department decided to open for externals. I decided to wait for the government’s decision on decreasing the 2m social distancing measures currently in place, because that means I will have to revise substantially the current guidelines! We’ve put the one currently in place on out website here:

Good luck for all!

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