C Programming for Image Analysis

I’ve started a (free) video course on C programming for image analysis as part of the PUMA microscope project. The first video is out now:

The first 6 videos cover the basics of C programming in general and by the end of the 6th video you should have enough understanding to learn the rest of the language on your own.

The course is designed for mature students (biologists, medical doctors and such) who may not have had previous experience in computer science. The material is not designed to follow some degree course syllabus or result in a qualification but to give practical knowledge of C programming for writing and understanding image processing algorithms.

The emphasis is on programming and understanding - not coding (there are plenty of ‘coding bootcamp’ videos out there already) but, of course, coding examples are included.

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I am hoping I could add PUMA microscope into my C# microscopy imaging application BioImager. I’m a C# developer and have made libraries and programs with C# for microscopy. Currently BioImager works with various microscopes like Zeiss, Prior, & all microscope supported by Python Microscope. But PUMA could be a nice addition since I’m a open source enthusiast. Does PUMA come with C# libraries or do I have to make on myself. Here is the link to BioImager: GitHub - BiologyTools/BioImager: A .NET microscopy imaging application based on Bio library. Supports various microscopes by using imported libraries & GUI automation. Supports XInput game controllers to move stage, take images, run ImageJ macros on images or Bio C# scripts.

Hello. That’s great work you’re doing. PUMA does not yet have a full XYZ motorised stage - it is something I am working on for the future. Currently only the Z motor system is operational and that will be different to the Z system in the full XYZ stage.
I have my own protocol for XYZ stage control and image capture automation and scripting, called PARDUS (see the PARDUS GitHub repo ) but I will be revising the PARDUS control and networking server code before releasing it because it was based on a RPi server which is a bit too feeble for my full scale application. Only the image capture portion of the server is currently released as a stand alone program, PARD Capture . However when the XYZ stage is ready for release I will make it open source so you can incorporate it into your BiologyTools system if you want to.

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