96-well plates you would recommend for high NA imaging

Hello everybody,

I’d like to know if you have some recommendations for 96-well plates (well not necessarily 96) that would be suitable for high-NA imaging.

Ideally, the well plate would:

  • have a very homogeneous thickness, of the order 170 - 190 um
  • have no skirt, thus allowing to focus all wells with high-NA objectives
  • be reasonably cheap

The well-plates we recommend at our facility is the PhenoPlate 96 from Perkin-Elmer, but we would like to know alternative options.



(this will be crossposted on the confocal list)

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we use often those

They are fine. I normally avoid to image the outer wells as it get quite tight. It depends on how bulky your objective is.


You may have had other replies, we’ve had good luck with 96 well plates from CellVis, they use 1 piece of #1.5H German glass and are well priced. They do have a skirt so you likely can’t image the entire plate with high-NA low WD lenses.

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