10x objective for two photon microscopy (XLPLN10XSVMP 3mm WD)

To enable Zemax simulations for a customized two photon microscope (university research application), I am looking for the presciption for the Olympus 10x 0.6 NA objective, model: XLPLN10XSVMP 3mm WD. The presciption can usually be found in the patent submitted by Olympus Corporation. Has anyone been able to find this presciption/patent?

Try JP2012173491A. It doesn’t have the 3mm WD (one embodiment has WD 1.59), but it is a 10x air objective with 0.5 <NA <0.7. You can get the japanese version with readable prescription tables from www.jpo.go.jp and the english translation from google patents.

Or were you looking for an immersion objective?

I am looking for a water immersion objective.

I know this is late, but I have a XLUMPLFL10XW-SP water immersion, WD 3.3 (mm), not sure if its exactly the same or not. Are you looking for some specific info?

James, do you have a Zemax file for this objective? Or a prescription for each of the surfaces within the objective?


No, I don’t, sorry. This lens is special order, there isn’t much public information, and I don’t have any info on the surfaces within the objective. I can tell you that the transmittance and IR performance is fabulous.