Z stage compatible with Micro-Manager recommendations?

I need to buy a focusing stage for a home-built microscope with <0.1 um precision (so probably piezo? Or not?), ideally compatible with Micro-Manager. Any recommendations?

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@pawlowska - this looks like a fun little project:

Runs using an Arduino Mega - which should be addressable with MM.

There is a driver for the Prior piezo Z stage. 400 or 600 um scan range. The price is around $12k.



How much less than 100nm? The main advantage of piezo stages is that they are fast (which may become important). Vendors of piezo stages are Physik Instrumente, Mad City Labs, ASI, PiezoConcept, PiezoSystem Jena, Standa, Wieneke & Sinske (all of the are Micro-Manager compatible, I have experience with only one or two of these).

Otherwise, other types of motors are likely more affordable and may well give the minimum step size you ahttps://micro-manager.org/Device_Supportre after. Again, many vendors, you can start with the Micro-Manager device page:

Hi @nico.stuurman I was hoping that maybe someone did the market research recently and could share the knowledge. From my side: it appears that Standa piezos (or at least some of them) are discontinued - that’s the answer I got in reply to quote request. On the other hand, Thorlabs now has piezos that in theory have mm-compatible software. We ended up ordering from Mad City Labs, we’ll see.

It does seem fun! If only the day had more than 24 hours in it… :wink: