Pupillary distance - Trinomic microscope?


I’m looking for a microscope for a hobby usage around 1000€ price range with camera.
I was going to buy either Bresser or AmScope, but I discovered a problem while testing one.
I have a large interpupil distance around 79 cm.

I set the Bresser (a trinomic model : BRESSER Researcher Trino 40-1000x Microscope) on the largest setting for the pupil distance (75 cm) but could not managed to get a stable image on both eyes.
Also it felt very uncomfortable.

Are there model on my price range that offer a wider setting ?
Or a way to gain a few more millimeters (it seemed to me it was at it’s max on the model I tested so no hope to tinker with a screw somewhere to make it wider)
Or does it mean I won’t ever be able to use a binocular microscope ?

I was aiming at a trinocular, so that I would not have to put and remove the camera at each use.

So what would my best alternative be ? buy a trinocular for camera and close one eye ?

Thanks a lot for your advice and sorry for my bad english !