Job Opportunity: Scientific Officer on Smart Microscopy at the Centre for Cellular Imaging of Gothenburg University

Dear all,

We are looking for a new colleague (Scientific Officer) at the Centre for Cellular Imaging of Gothenburg University (CCI). The CCI, in operation since 2003, is a national research infrastructure and one of the leading academic imaging facilities in Sweden providing expertise and access to advanced microscopy to the research community, both locally and at other Swedish universities and abroad. The CCI is located at the University of Gothenburg Core Facilities, and is also part of the National Microscopy Infrastructure, the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) and Euro-BioImaging.

We are looking for an Associate Researcher/Scientific Officer in smart microscopy: Over the last decade much effort has been made to connect bioimage analysis with fully motorized and computer-controlled microscopes to generate automated and adaptive imaging workflows, referred to as smart microscopy. The purpose of this position is to facilitate the creation and implementation of smart microscopy workflows at the core facility level to service our scientific community. The position does not include own research, and all developments must be associated to the needs of our users and their scientific questions.

The position is a full-time (100%), permanent position. A probationary employment period of 6 months may be applied. Starting date as agreed.

Applications must be received by: 2023-01-31

For more information please go to this website.