Illumination variation over time

I am interested in seeing data about the light output measured at the stage level over time. Including before and after changing a light source.

If anyone has that data please share it here :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Alternatively, if anyone has images of a standard taken over time please share them with us here :slight_smile:

What type of light source? For example, mercury, LED, gas laser, solid state - they are all quite different.
Best, Jennifer

Thanks @jennifer . Sorry, I think that my question wasn’t specific enough.
Based on what I could gather from different sources, the brightness of different light sources decays over time differently for different light sources.

I made the following graph. I’m told that a gas laser can lose 50% of it’s brightness over 2 years. And LEDs are super stable.
But I didn’t find any actual data showing their decay over time.


I appreciate that HeNe lasers and argon ion gas lasers will behave in different ways, and from brand to brand, model to model, usage to usage the decay will be different. But just yo have an idea, would you say that these 2 graphs are roughly representative of the average decay for the average light source for an average usage?

Thanks a lot