I2K 2022 Conference: Registration & Poster Submissions are OPEN!

Hello All! We are pleased to announce that Registration & Poster Submissions for Images to Knowledge (I2K) 2022 are now open!

The I2K 2022 Conference will be held virtually on May 6th, 9th, and 10th and will focus on using and developing open source image analysis platforms/tools. The event is free! Please register before May 6th.

General registration (FREE) - Register Here.

If you are a speaker giving a confirmed talk or workshop, you are already registered. If you have not yet received your ‘Speaker Ticket’, please contact the organizers.

Poster Submission form (submit before April 27th) - Submit Poster Here.

Please visit i2kconference.org for more program details and links to Registration and Poster submissions.

– Organizing Committee
Beth Cimini, Broad Institute of MIT
Kevin Eliceiri, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thomas Pengo, University of Minnesota
Nikki Bialy, Morgridge Institute for Research
Ellen Dobson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sam Griffin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rebecca Senft, Broad Institute of MIT
Vanessa Orr, Morgridge Institute for Research