How to make a 'Tools' post on FocalPlane

Hello, I want to make a ‘Tools’ post on the Focal Plane website ( )
about my open source 3D printed microscope system, PUMA ( GitHub - TadPath/PUMA: 3D Printed Microscope )
So far I have:

  1. Registered with the site
  2. They have granted me author privileges
  3. I can access their WordPress interface and ‘add’ a new post
    But I don’t see any method of specifying this as belonging to the ‘Tools’ section of their website (clearly PUMA is a new tool).
    The ‘HowTo’ section on the website is not much help.
    Anyone here know how to proceed? Do I just make a post and hope for the best that it ends up in their ‘Tools’ section?

Oh well I found the answer: When you create a post (via post->add) you select the category from a drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen (under ‘documents’ tab as opposed to ‘blocks’ tab).
Hope that helps someone other than just me.
Perhaps this was not the correct forum for this question - Mods, I understand if you will prefer to delete / move this post as you see fit.

Hello, I’m not sure how to add resources on the Focal Plane website, but if you or someone else hasn’t already, please add it to! :slight_smile: