Focus plane tolerance for high NA objective

I’m working on tolerancing for a custom microscope using a 60X objective with NA 1.2. The tolerance for the sensor alignment (position and tilt) depends on the objective’s “focus plane tolerance”, i.e., how close the system’s focus plane must be to the objective’s nominal focus plane. Does anyone have an idea of what this number could be? I realize that it might depend a lot on the actual design of the objective, but looking for a ballpark number. 1 µm? 10 µm?

(Note that it’s not the depth of field or focusing tolerance I’m after. The sample position and tilt will be actively aligned to the system’s focus plane)

Is this an infinity corrected objective?
Are you asking how close the camera to tube lens distance must be to the ideal distance? In my experience (with 60x 1.4NA oil objectives) you can see measurable differences in the amount of spherical aberration with camera to tube lens distance changes of order 1mm.

It’s an infinity corrected objective, and that was exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you!