Developing or using augmented reality microscopy? See this video

The latest PUMA microscope video shows how to use the open source PUMA platform to develop augmented reality microscopy applications and discusses the other benefits of the trinocular camera port. See:


just amazing … ARM offering a new path to digital pathology:)

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Thanks. As a practising clinical pathologist myself I can say I definitely prefer to use digital in conjunction with optical - like this - rather than one replacing the other (as is the current vogue amongst some DP enthusiasts who don’t seem to appreciate how inferior digital images are for human viewing / screening in clinical diagnostic work compared to optical viewing). I hope to demonstrate some practical example uses or ARM in the near future - using PUMA of course.

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GREAT! I appreciate it.

WOW! thank you for this video!

Hello. Welcome to the forum and thanks for your support. The next PUMA video will be out by the end of this week and more are on the way for the coming months. Please consider subscribing to the channel and telling others about it on social media etc. I am currently working on the SLM video (how to build the spatial light modulator) to enable computer controlled optical Fourier filtration. This is one of the advanced features of PUMA which no other commercial microscope currently has (to the best of my knowledge - anyone here know different, please correct me).