Basic guide to generate STL for PUMA (for newbies)

Hi, sorry to put this here, I would like to open as a github issue in PUMA, but we are not allowed to do that.

I’m thinking in build PUMA, so I’m asking how much $$ would cost print here, for that I need the STL files.

Actually the doc of PUMA shows us the basic to generate the files here:

There is some things I found hard to know, in one part generate and export object by object, for some sections like Dominus Part 1… is a lot of pieces! a very insane amount, we would need at more than one hour creating them manually only for that section… so, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

We can create the mash files selecting all and then create them, now here is some things for a noob who try this like me, there is some objects with folders inside, and seems objects inside objects, so what is generated by mesh is very unknown.

We can also, pick all the mesh file, and import as one big STL file, so the questions here would be:

  • Generate one big STL file will also be a valid one to print or must be object by object?
  • How can we be sure we generate all the STL files? thinking there is folders that contains objects that are not generated by mesh if are not open and selected
  • If we want to print several pieces at the same time, is important how to generate the STL files? there is a “the best way”?

Would be ideal also solve this questions in PUMA docs.

Note: To generate one big STL, first generate Mesh for everything, second select all, go to File->Export and choose STL.


No, definitely do not try and create STL meshes all at once or in one big file.
Each one needs to be orientated on the print bed as shown in the 3D printing guide and use the print settings of the appropriate profile (or equivalent settings for another slicer).

You certainly should not try to export or print all the models. Only use the models you need for the config you want to build. There are not that many. Of course there are a huge number of modules in total hence the need for all those files but you don’t need most of them for any particular build.

Please see the quick start guide for more information, here: